Pablo Aimar

52 matches (3 out, 28 in) 8 goals 7Y

10 OCT 2009Peru (H)2:1World Cup Quals
15 JUL 2007Brazil (H)0:3Copa América
11 JUL 2007Mexico (H)3:0Copa América
08 JUL 2007Peru (H)4:0Copa América
05 JUL 2007Paraguay (H)1:0Copa América
28 JUN 2007USA (H)4:1Copa América
05 JUN 2007Algeria (H)4:3Friendly
02 JUN 2007Switzerland (A)1:1Friendly
11 OCT 2006Spain (A)2:1Friendly
24 JUN 2006Mexico (H)2:1World Cup
21 JUN 2006Netherlands (A)0:0World Cup
10 JUN 2006Ivory Coast (H)2:1World Cup
30 MAY 2006Angola (H)2:0Friendly
01 MAR 2006Croatia (A)3:2Friendly
12 OCT 2005Uruguay (A)1:0World Cup Quals
29 JUN 2005Brazil (A)4:1Confederations Cup
26 JUN 2005Mexico (A)p.5:6Confederations Cup
21 JUN 2005Germany (A)2:2Confederations Cup
18 JUN 2005Australia (A)2:4Confederations Cup
04 JUN 2005Ecuador (A)2:0World Cup Quals
02 JUN 2004Brazil (A)3:1World Cup Quals
30 MAR 2004Ecuador (H)1:0World Cup Quals
18 NOV 2003Colombia (A)1:1World Cup Quals
15 NOV 2003Bolivia (H)3:0World Cup Quals
09 SEP 2003Venezuela (A)0:3World Cup Quals
06 SEP 2003Chile (H)2:2World Cup Quals
20 AUG 2003Uruguay (A)2:3Friendly
11 JUN 2003South Korea (A)0:1Friendly
08 JUN 2003Japan (A)1:4Kirin Cup
30 APR 2003Libya (A)1:3Friendly
12 FEB 2003Netherlands (A)1:0Friendly
12 JUN 2002Sweden (A)1:1World Cup
07 JUN 2002England (H)0:1World Cup
02 JUN 2002Nigeria (H)1:0World Cup
17 APR 2002Germany (A)0:1Friendly
27 MAR 2002Cameroon (A)2:2Friendly
13 FEB 2002Wales (A)1:1Friendly
14 NOV 2001Uruguay (A)1:1World Cup Quals
08 NOV 2001Peru (H)2:0World Cup Quals
06 OCT 2001Paraguay (A)2:2World Cup Quals
05 SEP 2001Brazil (H)2:1World Cup Quals
14 AUG 2001Ecuador (A)0:2World Cup Quals
03 JUN 2001Colombia (H)3:0World Cup Quals
25 APR 2001Bolivia (A)3:3World Cup Quals
28 FEB 2001Italy (A)1:2Friendly
15 NOV 2000Chile (A)0:2World Cup Quals
03 SEP 2000Peru (A)1:2World Cup Quals
16 AUG 2000Paraguay (H)1:1World Cup Quals
19 JUL 2000Ecuador (H)2:0World Cup Quals
04 JUN 2000Bolivia (H)1:0World Cup Quals
13 JUN 1999USA (A)1:0Friendly
09 JUN 1999Mexico (A)2:2Friendly

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