Argentina - Brazil 1:2

30 JUN 1974, World Cup


0:1 Rivellino 31'

1:1 Miguel Angel Brindisi 35'

1:2 Jairzinho 49'

Argentina (Vladislao Cap)

Daniel Carnevale, Angel Hugo Bargas, Ruben Glaria, Ramon Heredia, Francisco Sa (46' Rene Houseman), Carlos Babington, Miguel Angel Brindisi, Carlos Squeo, Ruben Ayala, Agustin Balbuena, Mario Kempes (46' Jorge Carrascosa)

Brazil (Mario Jorge Lobo Zagallo)

Emerson Leao, Luis Pereira, Marinho Chagas, Marinho Peres, Carpegiani, Dirceu, Paulo Cezar Caju, Rivellino, Ze Maria, Jairzinho, Valdomiro


Rene Houseman (Y)


Niedersachsenstadion, Hannover

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