Chile - Argentina 3:4

01 JUN 1972, Copa Carlos Dittborn


CHI: Carlos Caszely, Francisco Valdes, Francisco Valdes

ARG: Oscar Mas, Oscar Mas, Miguel Angel Raimondo, Ernesto Mastrangelo

Chile (Luis Alamos)

Antonio Arias, Carlos Caszely, Alfonso Lara, Francisco Valdes, Alberto Fouilloux, Raul Angulo (Guillermo Azocar), Julio Crisosto (Rogelio Farias), Gustavo Laube, Juan Machuca, Adolfo Nef, Patrico Peralta


Daniel Carnevale, Angel Hugo Bargas, Ruben Diaz, Osvaldo Piazza (Ramon Heredia), Miguel Angel Brindisi, Miguel Angel Raimondo, Alejandro Semenewicz, Rodolfo Fischer, Oscar Mas, Ernesto Mastrangelo, Jorge Eduardo Dominichi



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