Argentina - France 1:0

15 JUL 1930, World Cup


1:0 Luis Monti 81'

Argentina (Francisco Olazar)

Ángel Bossio, Juan Evaristo, José Della Torre, Natalio Perinetti, Ramón Muttis, Arico Suárez, Luis Monti, Francisco Varallo, Marino Evaristo, Manuel Ferreira, Roberto Cherro

France (Raoul Caudron)

Alexis Thépot, Étienne Mattler, Marcel Capelle, Augustin Chantrel, Alex Villaplane, Edmond Delfour, Marcel Pinel, André Maschinot, Ernest Libérati, Lucien Laurent, Marcel Langiller


Estadio Gran Parque Central, Montevideo

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