Argentina - League of Ireland 3:1

20 APR 1978, A v League


ARG: Ricky Villa, Oscar Ortiz, Leopoldo Luque

LEA: Synan Braddish

Argentina (Cesar Luis Menotti)

Ubaldo Fillol, Luis Galvan, Jorge Olguin, Daniel Passarella, Alberto Tarantini, Ossie Ardiles, Americo Gallego, Oscar Ortiz (Daniel Bertoni), Ricky Villa (Diego Maradona), Rene Houseman, Leopoldo Luque

League of Ireland

Eamonn Gregg, Johnny Giles (McCarthy), Bobby Tambling, Synan Braddish, J Clarke, J Fulman (Al Finucane), J Hulmes (C Mucklan), McGuiness, A Patterson, N Synnott, Ray Treacy


Buenos Aires

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