Argentina - Chile 6:2

28 MAR 1957, Copa América


ARG: Enrique Omar Sivori, Oreste Omar Corbatta, Humberto Dionisio Maschio, Humberto Dionisio Maschio, Antonio Valentin Angelillo, Antonio Valentin Angelillo

CHI: José Fernandez, José Fernandez


Rogelio Antonio Dominguez, Nestor Raul Rossi, Federico Vairo, Antonio Valentin Angelillo, Pedro Dellacha, Oreste Omar Corbatta, Osvaldo Cruz, Enrique Omar Sivori, Juan Carlos Gimenez, Humberto Dionisio Maschio (José Francisco Sanfilippo), Angel Osvaldo Schaidlan


Misael Escutti, Jaime Ramirez (Leonel Sanchez), George Robledo, Raul Aguila, Rodolfo Almeyda, Carlos Cubillos, José Fernandez, Daniel Morales, Mario Ortiz, Patrico Pena, Patrico Pico


Nacional, Lima

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